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Hey, I am Andrew!

Thank you for stopping by PMAspirant.com and learning about us.

I created PMAspirant.com to help project management aspirants with acquiring PMP Certification.  With over 10,000 visitors each month, I have guided and helped hundreds of PMP aspirants with their PMP applications and responded to over 150+ comments on my blog. 

I went through the endeavor of earning the PMP certification in 2017.  It was not an easy process, and there was not as much information on the internet as today.

I had a few challenges at the time, and I wasn’t even sure if my experience would meet PMP requirements.  While I had years of work experience leading projects, I did not have a project management title, and most of my projects tend to be short and similar.  I went ahead anyway with a leap of faith, and I am glad I did.

I went through the audit process (and failed the first audit) and luckily passed the PMP exam on my first try.

After passing the PMP exam, I have offered to help and participated in some project management forums, including Quora, Prepcast, and ProjectManagement.com. People have reached out to me for help with auditing and PMP applications.

Feeling that there is a demand and I can help PMP aspirants better, I launched pm.wisdomdepot.com in 2018 and rebranded to PMAspirant.com in January 2021.

Given that I have gone through the full-fledged application and PMP certification process, including failed audit, I believe my experience and collective knowledge through your comment & contribution will benefit the PMP aspirants.

My goal for PMAspirant is to make it a trusted resource for helping PMP aspirants with earning the PMP certification.

I want to thank you for visiting and learning about PMAspirant.

Lastly, I also appreciate and welcome you to share your journey toward achieving PMP certification.

I am glad to be part of your PMP certification journey!