Free PMP ITTO Review

This interactive online tool is to help project management aspirants prepare for the Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Output (ITTO) in the PMP and CAMP exam.

The tool serves as a quick reference to look up relevant ITTO for a given process. You can also use this tool to find the processes that have the selected ITTO.

If you are ready and want to test your ITTO knowledge, try the ITTO quiz game.

You may also want to try the process mapping game.

If you notice any issue with this tool, please use the contact form.

How to use this ITTO Review

  1. The player can pick one of the PROCESS, INPUTS, TOOLS, or OUTPUTS (ITTO) buttons.  The default is PROCESSES and displays the list of processes. Update the list if a different button is clicked.
  2. The player then selects either the process or ITTO listed.
  3. The result will display at the bottom.
  4. (Optional) The result is interactive, and the player can click on the item and jump to the process or ITTO quickly.