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PM Prepcast Coupon Code

PM Prepcast typically offers coupon codes and rotates various course offerings monthly at a discount price.  As one of the PM Prepcast affiliates, I am informed of the current and sometimes even upcoming PM Prepcast coupon code, which I will share below.

Please keep in mind that the coupon code will only work during the date of the sale, as indicated.  The information may help savvy PMP, Agile, and CAPM aspirants who are planning their purchase with PM Prepcast at a discount price.

In addition to the PM Prepcast coupon code, I also included instructions on how to apply the discount code and PM Prepcast’s refund policy.

Disclaimer:  PMAspirant is affiliated with PM-Prepcast. If you choose to make a purchase, we may earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.  Please review the full affiliate disclaimer

PM-Prepcast Coupon code for June 2024

June Discount for the Prepcast Elite Package

June is here! Prepcast is offering a $50 discount on all exam prep Elite packages: the PM PrepCast Elite for PMP, the Agile PrepCast Elite, and the CAPM PrepCast Elite. These packages include the full training course and the exam simulator. They are the best value and most popular picks, making this discount very attractive to project management professionals.

PDU Podcast Bundle

Project Managers with a PMP Certification must earn 60 PDUs every three years to maintain their certification. For June, Prepcast is offering a $40 off coupon on the PDU Podcast 60 PDU Bundle.

New AI Course

In June, Prepcast is launching a new groundbreaking course, AI for Project Managers, designed to bring AI to project managers. This comprehensive course, created by Cornelius Fichtner, empowers PMs with the knowledge and skills needed to stay ahead in an AI-driven world. From mastering core AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing to understanding ethical considerations and data quality, AI for Project Managers provides the tools you need to excel in projects and future-proofing careers.

PM Prepcast Exam Simulator

For most people, including myself, plenty of practice is the best way to retain the learning and understand “PMI-ism.” PM-Prepcast exam simulator is the leader and is highly rated among PMP aspirants.

The exam simulator offers many useful features and also a dashboard to help you track progress and spot weaknesses. Read the full PM-Prepcast review.

To accommodate students with different preferences, PM Prepcast introduced 3 pricing tier.





# Total Questions




# Full Mock Exams




# Separate Quiz Questions




# Day Access (clock start only when you take the 1st question)




Extension Allowed





PM Prepcast Courses




Elite PLUS

35 hours of video-based training lessons

Certificate of Completion

25 Agile & Hybrid lessons

Download & Mobile access

Exam simulator with 2,070+ questions (4 full exam + 1350 quiz questions)

PMP Exam Formula Study Guide

PM StudyCoach Guidebook



$349 $299

($79.00 bundle saving)

($50 coupon saving)


($117 bundle saving)

Coupon Code


Save extta $50 during Jun 1 ~ 30, 2024.

PM PrepCast Basic

The PrepCast Basic is a self-paced set of recorded video lessons that satisfies 35 contact hour requirements and can be accessed online or downloaded to a mobile device such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones using a podcast app.

In addition to the on-demand training lessons, this package gives you 90-day access to The PM Exam Simulator so you can practice what you have learned. The exam simulator offers realistic exam-like questions and many useful features to help you get ready for the PMP exam.

PM PrepCast Elite PLUS

PM PrepCast is offering an additional coupon discount on top of the $117 bundle savings to the most comprehensive package.  The PM PrepCast Elite Plus includes the highly-rated PrepCast PMP Exam Simulator, the PM StudyCoach Guidebooks, and the PM Formula Guides.

PM Prepcast Agile Courses

Agile PrepCast course is an online set of self-paced video podcast lessons providing high-quality, low-cost training to project managers preparing for their PMI Agile Certified Practitioner exam. It has helped many students pass the PMI-ACP® Exam.

There are 3-course package options – Agile Prepcast Basic, Elite, and Elite PLUS.

    Agile Prepcast



Elite PLUS

21 hours of video-based training lessons

Certificate of Completion

16 Learning Modules

Lessons covering the 12 PMI recommended reference books

Download & Mobile access

Exam simulator with 480  questions. (4 full exam with 120 questions)

PM StudyCoach Guidebook for PMI-ACP



$279 $229


Coupon Code: 


Save $50 on Agile Elite between June 1 ~30.

Agile Prepcast Basic

The Agile PrepCast Basic course is designed to help you pass your PMI-ACP certification exam.

It covers topics like Scrum, Kanban, Lean Startups, DevOps, and much more. Each lesson covers a specific subject and includes quizzes and practice questions to help you learn. You can watch all the lessons online or download them to your mobile device.

Agile Prepcast Elite

The Agile PrepCast Elite also includes The PMI-ACP Exam Simulator, a set of practice exams presented in a realistic exam platform, so students can practice what they learned from watching The Agile PrepCast.

The PMI-ACPM Exam Simulator is a set practice test software designed to help candidates prepare for the PMI-ACPM certification exam. It includes 4 full-length practice exams that simulate the actual exam experience. Each practice exam contains questions that mimic those on the real exam.

The Agile PrepCast Elite PLUS

The Agile PrepCast Elite PLUS is the most complete training package. It also includes The PM StudyCoach Guidebooks for PMI-ACP, a week-by-week study plan. This six-week plan is the perfect complement to the Agile PrepCast.

PM Prepcast CAPM Courses

The PM PrepCastCAPM Exam Prep Course includes all the lessons you need to successfully prepare for the CAPM exam.

With The PM PrepCast Training Course, you get the best training through high-quality, self-paced video lessons, providing you with the 23 contact hours required for the CAPM exam.

By watching The PM PrepCast, you gain access to a series of comprehensive video-based training lessons that cover all the exam topics required by the CAPM Exam Content Outline.

The PM PrepCast gives you the comprehensive knowledge and skills needed to succeed on your CAPM exam.



23 hours of video-based training lessons

Certificate of Completion

Agile & Hybrid lessons

Business Analysis Frameworks

Download & Mobile access

CAPM Exam simulator with 570 questions. (3 full exam + 120 quiz questions.)



$259 $209

($39.00 bundle saving)

($50 coupon saving)

Coupon Code


Save extta $50 on Elite during Jun 1 ~ 30, 2024.

CAPM Prepcast Basic

Prepare for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam with 23 hours of video-based lessons covering essential project management concepts, Agile and Business Analysis frameworks. Receive a certificate for the required 23 Contact Hours upon completion.

This course ensures comprehensive preparation, with flexible online learning and downloadable lessons for on-the-go study. Trusted by over 60,000 students since 2008, The PM PrepCast™ helps you master the exam content and track your progress through its Learning Management System (LMS).

CAPM Prepcast Elite

The CAPM Prepcast Elite package includes on-demand video training and CAPM Exam Simulators. You will receive a Certificate for 23 Contact Hours that satisfies the PMI requirement for Taking the CAPM Exam. The Simulator has 570 Realistic Questions and Detailed Answer Explanations to Help You Understand the Why Behind Each Answer.

Using Prepcast Discount Code

Step 1

Access PM Prepcast promotion using the links above, which will bring you to the course/product description page on the Prepcast Store.

Step 2

Click on “Add To Cart” if you want to purchase the course/product.  Once you are read to checkout, click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of your browser.


Enter the PM Prepcast Discount Code in the “Apply Discount Code” field when you get to the Payment page.

You must click on “Apply Discount” button to apply the discount.  The discount should apply, and the price should change.

Apply Prepcast Discount Code

Step 4

Review and complete the order process.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the 90-day access countdown start for the PM Prepcast PMP Exam Simulator?

If you purchase the PM Prepcast PMP Exam simulator, the 90-day access countdown starts when you start taking the first exam or quiz; the countdown doesn’t begin when you make the purchase.

In fact, if you know you will be using PM Prepcast exam simulator, you should grab the deal, especially when there is a discount.  PM Prepcast rotates the discount program for various products, so redeem the PM Prepcast discount code when there is a discount and use it later.

If I need more than 90-day access to the PMP exam simulator, can I extend it?

Yes, PM Prepcast can offer an extension to access the exam simulator, and you do not have to pay the full price again.  The price for the 30-day extension is $25, and the 60-day extension is $39.

Can I still apply PM Prepcast Discount Code after the purchase?

Typically PM Prepcast discount code is only valid within a certain date range, typically for a calendar month.  The discount code will not work If you try to apply the coupon outside of the month.

It is possible that you may find out about the special offer or realize you didn’t apply the discount code after the purchase, you can contact the PM Prepcast support team within the 3 days, and they will be able to assist you with the discount.

What if I changed my mind about the PM Prepcast purchase?

To request a refund for your exam simulator, you will need to make the refund request with PM Prepcast (OSP International LLC) within 30 days of your purchase.  To cancel your purchase, please send an email to 

The following condition also applies:

To be eligible for the refund, you must not start/finish more than 1 exam and/or start/finish more than quizzes.

You can read the refund policy for the exam simulatorsfull terms and conditions here.

Why does PM Prepcast offer discounts for training and products?

It is becoming a trend that more and more companies are no longer sponsoring training and career development for employees.  Many PMP aspirants have to fund their own training and exam cost.  To support the students, PM Prepcast provides a monthly discount code for selected training courses and products.

PM Prepcast Review

Please also refer to my comprehensive PM Prepcast review, complete with Pros, Cons, and recommendations.

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