2022 Complete PMP Resources with Free PMP Exam Questions

Best PMP Resources and Free Exam Questions

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The all-in-one collection of PMP resources including PMP exam courses, PMP study guides, best PMP exam simulators as well as free PMP exam questions here are intended to help PMP aspirants prepare for the PMP exam.  All the resources are aligned with PMBOK 6.

Disclaimer:  Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please review the full affiliate disclaimer

Best PMP Live Virtual Course

Learning with an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) is the gold standard earning the 35-contact hours and preparing for the PMP exam.  If you have the budget or your employer is willing to sponsor the training, ATP is a great choice.


PMTraining Live Virtual Training

PRICE: Starting at $998

PMTraining is a premier ATP.  The price is the most affordable, with lots of classes to choose from, extensive study aid, exam simulator with 1000 questions, instructor support, and a 100% exam pass guarantee.  You are in good hands with PMTraining.  Read PMTraining Review or PMP boot camp comparison where I compared PMTraining, GreyCampus, and PM-Prepcast side by side.

Udemy PMP course with 35 Contact Hours Certificate

Udemy offers amazing PMP training courses at the most affordable price. Here are two top-rated PMP exam prep courses that will qualify for 35 contact hour requirements.

PMP Certification Exam Prep by Andrew Ramdayal

Price: 94.99 30.99

Andrew Ramdayal's PMP Certification Exam Prep Course

Andrew Ramdayal’s PMP course has emerged as the favorite Udemy course amongst PMP aspirants. The students find the “project manager mindset” section very helpful for learning to pick the right choice on the exam and his training style is very engaging and easy to understand. The course also included 400 exam-like questions.


PMP Exam Prep Seminar by Joseph Phillips

PRICE: 109.99 13.99

Joseph Phillips PMP Exam Prep

Joseph Phillips’s PMP exam prep is another highly recommended course amongst PMP aspirants. Very knowledgeable instructor, content is well organized, and great overview course for PMP exam.


Best PMP Exam Simulator

Most PMP aspirants agree that using the best PMP exam simulator with questions that are similar to the real PMP exam is the most important factor for passing the PMI exam.  I recommend the following two PMP exam simulators depend on your personal choice.

PM Prepcast

PM-Prepcast: 2280 questions 

PRICE: $149 (Check the latest price PM Prepcast Coupon)

PM-Prepcast exam simulator is the most highly regarded exam simulator amongst PMP aspirants who passed the PMP exam. The new version is packed with more questions and functionalities.  Please check my full PM-Prepcast review.


PMTraining: 1000+ questions 

PRICE: $68

If you are on a budget, I would recommend PMTraining PMP Exam Simulator from PMTraining with over 1000+ high-quality exam questions and useful exam simulator features as I mentioned in PMTraining Review.  (If you purchased the PMTraining live virtual course, this exam simulator is included with the course.)


PMP Study Guide

PMI recently published a list of reference books.  You can find this list along with the pros/cons of popular PMP exam prep books in this PMP study guide review

While the exam is based on Exam Content Outline, the primary reference books are the PMBOK guide and the Agile Practice Guide.  As a PMI member, you are entitled to a free digital copy of these books.  If you prefer a paper copy, check it out on Amazon if it’s cheaper.



PMBOK was published in August 2021, and you should expect questions to start referencing from PMBOK 7 in 2022.  It covers principles primarily and does not negate PMBOK 6.


PMBOK 6 covers the process, tools, and methodologies.  It will continue to be the primary reference book for the PMP exam.

Agile Practice Guide

50% or more of the questions will be about Agile on the PMP Exam.  Make sure you are familiar with Agile concepts covered by the Agile Practice Guide. 

Here are 3 highly rated PMP exam study guides.

  The 50 PMP Exam Prep Questions Everyone Gets Wrong: Master The Hard Questions – Ace Your PMP Exam by Cornelius Fichtner 


Unlike a typical study guide, this book takes a deep dive into the 50 difficult PMP exam questions and teaches you the mindset for tackling those questions.  This book is perfect for PMP aspirants who want to challenge themselves and be ready for tough questions on the exam.

PMP Exam Prep Simplified by Andrew Ramdayal


This study guide accompanies an eLearning course that qualifies 35 contact hour requirement.  This book is highly recommended by PMP aspirants, especially for its PMP mindset material. The book is ideal If you are looking for a study guide that is easy to read and willing to accompany this book with eLearning, where the author provides updates with new exam material.

The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try 6th Edition + Agile by Andy Crowe 


The book has been updated for the new 2021 PMP exam with Agile.  If you are looking for just one PMP study guide for PMP Exam prep, Andy’s book is concise and to the point.  No more and no less.  Refer to PMP study guides for more detail.

PMI Exam Resource

2021 PMP Examination Content Outline

2020 PMP Examination Content Outline

PMP Handbook

PMI Code of Ethics

PMP Sample Questions

2021 New Prototype Questions

Pearson Vue Resource

Whiteboard for OnVUE exam

Get familiar with the Pearson Vue whiteboard before you take the PMP OnVue exam.  Practice using tools such as text, shapes, colors, and zoom, as well as multiple formatting features.

Free PMP Study Resource

PMP Study Notes by ExamsPM
PMP Study notes by each of the 10 process areas.

PMP Formulas
PMP Exam formula Cheatsheet

Free Process Flow & Games

Processes Flow Maps by Ricardo Vargas
Are you struggling with the 10 process areas in PMBOK Edition 6 and how they interact together? Ricardo Vargas offers Processes Flow maps in both detailed and simplified versions that you can download for free in multiple languages.  He also accompanied a very good video that explains the process flows.

WisdomDepot Knowledge Area & Process Group Mapping Game

Drag and drop process to the correct knowledge areas and process group. Solidify your memorization of PMBOK process mapping.

Rita Process Game
Drag and drop the process into one of the five domain groups.

Rita Process Games on Quizlet
Learn PMP process the fun way with Flash Cards, Match cards, and Gravity game.


ITTO Mind Map printout by ExamsPM
ITTO for all 10 process areas in PDF format.

EEF vs OPA Game by DeepFriedBrainProject
Drag and drop items into EEF or OPA bucket and check your result.

Free Mobile App

PMP Exam Mentor iPhone Android
Completely free mobile app based on PMBOK 6. Covers all knowledge areas, process groups, ITTO, Flash Cards. Contains ads.
PMP Pocket Prep iPhone Android
Limited access to questions and answers for free version.

Free and Helpful PMP YouTube Videos

Here is a collection of top PMP YouTube videos from Andrew Ramdayal, Ricardo Vargas, Praizion, Aileen Ellis, and others commonly recommended by PMP aspirants.

PMP Videos by Andrew Ramdayal

PMBOK 7th Edition Now on the PMP Exam

How does the PMBOK Guide 7th Edition Affects your PMP Exam


PMP Videos by Ricardo Vargas

PMBOK® Guide 6th Ed Processes Explained


PMP Videos by Praizion

PMP Exam Prep POWER Tips


PMBOK Guide 6th Edition MAINLINE – Unlock Your Understanding


PMP Exam Prep: How to Study Change Requests


Closing Process Group


PMP Videos by Aileen Ellis

PMP Exam Prep 25 What would you do next questions


How to memorize the Outputs of the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition


Earned Value Management (PV, EV, SV, CV)


The Critical Path Method


What next after change approved


PMP Videos by ExamsPM

How to Memorize the 49 Processes in PMBOK 6th Edition 


PMP Videos by Nilotpal Ray

Perform Integrated Change Control


Free PMP Exam Simulator & Free PMP Exam Questions

Many PMP aspirants (myself included) can attest that buying a premium exam simulator to get the real exam question experience is vital in passing the exam and worth the investment.  Don’t just rely on free questions to practice and prepare for the exam.  The free questions are here to supplement your study only.

With that said, there are a handful of websites that provide free PMP exam questions and some of them offer free PMP exam simulators.  I narrowed down the best ones with the following preference in mind:

  • Hassle-free access that does not require you to give your name, email, or register.  However, most of the free sites that keep up with the 2021 exam update will require free email registration.
  • Free with at least 100 questions.
  • Must have question accompanied with answer key. 

Warning: With the recent 2021 PMP exam change, some of the free question sites are not aligned to the new 2021 Exam Content Outline (ECO).  It is important to use a premium exam simulator aligned with the new ECO to prepare for the new 2021 PMP exam.


PM-Prepcast (simulation) – Updated for 2021
Questions: 120 PMBOK Edition 6 + Agile
Comment: Excellent quality questions with the exam simulation interface. You will get the answer with detailed explanations.
PM-Prepcast (Free 7-day access) (simulation) – Updated for 2021
Questions: 69 PMBOK Edition 6 + Agile
Comment: Excellent quality questions with the same premium exam simulation interface. You will get the answer with detailed explanations. Free registration required.
Oliver Lehmann (simulation) – Updated for 2021
Questions: 100 PMBOK Edition 6
Comment: Simple online simulator with 100 questions all on one page. You can check answers with the corresponding reference to the PMBOK guide.
PMTraining (simulation) – Updated for 2021
Questions: 10 PMBOK Edition 6
Comment: Excellent simulator with 10 exam questions that gives you realistic exam experience even with ability to strike out wrong answers and mark questions for review.  No registration needed.
Simplilearn (simulation) – Updated for 2021
Questions: 200 PMBOK Edition 6
Comment: Full 200 mock exam simulator that offers free full exam experience from reputable R.E.P. Free registration required.
PMAspire (simulation) – Updated for 2021
Questions: 400 PMBOK Edition 6
Comment: Full 400 mock exam simulator with 2 full mock exams, 30 free videos, and more. Requires free registration for 5 day access.
PMProLearn (simulation) – Updated for 2021
Questions: 180 PMBOK Edition 6
Comment: Full 180 mock exam simulator that offers free mock exam experience. Requires free registration.
ExamsPM (simulation) – Updated for 2021
Questions: 200 PMBOK Edition 6
Comment: Full 200 mock exam simulator that offers free full exam experience. Ability to mark question and answer key with explanations.  Requires free registration.
ExamsPM (pdf)
Questions: 199 PMBOK Edition 6
Comment: PDF document with 199 questions. Answer and explanation (include PMBOK reference) follow by each question.
EdWel (simulation)
Questions: 75 PMBOK Edition 6
Comment: 75 simulation questions and answers.  The answer appears after you answer each question.
PMPExamForFree (online)
Questions: 900 PMBOK Edition 6
Comment: You access one question at a time with the answer but no explanation. No score tracking.

PMP Forum

Reddit PMP
Many PMP aspirants who passed the PMP exam have shared their lessons learned.  A good open support group for PMP aspirants.

PM-Prepcast Forum
You can sign up and participate in the forum even if you did not register for the course with PM-Prepcast.  It is a very well-moderated forum with plenty of Q&A and lessons learned.

Simplilearn PMP Forum
The forum participation is restricted to the member, but you can still view the Q&A and lesson learned.  It is a very well-maintained forum.

Additional Project Management Resources

If you want to learn more about project management in general, here are helpful sites where you can find collections of project management resources.

Xebrio maintains a list of over 80 project management resources, including courses, podcasts, newsletters, journals, magazines, blogs, YouTube channels, and more.

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