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PM Prepcast Review

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Complete PM Prepcast Review

In this review, we will highlight the PM Prepcast PMP courses, the latest coupon code, and sample videos,  then discuss the pros and cons of the course and simulator.

This review aims to provide all the information in one place to help you decide if the PM Prepcast PMP exam simulator and course program are right for you.

Disclaimer:  PMAspirant is affiliated with PM-Prepcast, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please review the full affiliate disclaimer

About PM Prepcast

PM Prepcast is specialized in a project management training course owned by OSP International LLC, founded by Mr. Cornelius Fichtner.  The company has trained over 57,000 professionals in 56 countries since 2006.

The PMP exam simulator and the on-demand courses are highly regarded among project management aspirants and are proven resources for passing the PMP exam.

The on-demand training course will satisfy the 35 contact hour requirement and help you prepare for the PMP Exam.  What sets PM Prepcast apart from other providers is its downloadable video course and exceptional exam simulators at a very affordable price.

PMP Exam Simulator

PMP Exam Simulator ($149.00)

The exam simulator has been updated for PMBOK 7 and aligned to the current PMP examination content outline (ECO).

PM-Prepcast exam simulator is the best in the marketplace for several reasons:

  • Over 2280 realistic PMP exam questions. Questions are developed by the certified PMP team.
  • 4 FULL exams with 180 questions for a total of 720 PMP exam prep questions.
  • A separate pool of 1350 realistic exam prep quiz questions.
  • The simulator interface is like the real exam
  • Supports the strike-through feature like the real exam.
  • Supports exam mode, timed mode, and learning mode.
  • Ability to create custom exams.
  • Take the questions as many times as you want
  • There is a detailed answer key for all questions, including explanations for correct and wrong choices with reference to the PMBOK guide.
  • Detailed performance tracking and report with a strength/weakness analysis.
  • Your performance against peer students.

PM Prepcast PMP Course Offerings

Here is a high-level list of study material provided by each training package.




Elite PLUS

35 hours of video-based training lessons

Certificate of Completion

25 Agile & Hybrid lessons

Download & Mobile access

Exam simulator with 2,280+ questions (4 full exam + 1350 quiz questions)

PMP Exam Formula Study Guide

PM StudyCoach Guidebook



($55.80 coupon saving)


($69.80 coupon saving)


($117 bundle saving)

Discount Code:

Not Avaialble.

PM PrepCast Basic

The PrepCast Basic is an online self-paced training. It has 35 hours of video lessons that can be accessed via the online Learning Management System (LMS). You can also download it to a mobile device such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone using a podcast app. Learn More.

PMP PrepCast Elite 

In addition to the on-demand training lessons, this package gives you 90-day access to The PM Exam Simulator so you can practice what you have learned.  When you purchase the course with the exam simulator together, you get $79 bundled savings. Learn More.

PMP PrepCast Elite PLUS 

In addition to everything you get from the Elite package, you also get the PMP formula and Study Coach guidebook, which includes a 12-week plan, strategies, tips, and much more to help you stay focused. With the Elite Plus package, you get $117 in savings. Learn More.

PMP Formula

  • Comprehensive PMP Formula study guide
  • 1-page formula cheat sheet
  • 105 formula sample questions
  • 16 Daily emails with formula tips and tricks

The PMPExam Booster Course

The booster course may be helpful if you are an experienced project manager with a traditional predictive approach but do not have exposure to Agile.

This course is designed to bridge the gap to help you prepare for the new PMP exam, emphasizing the agile/hybrid approaches, role/competencies of the project manager, and much more.

The booster course includes the following study material:

  • 2021 Booster Study Checklist (xls)
  • Formula Study Guide (pdf). ($29 value)
  • Audit eBook
  • Weekly Exam Tips Newsletter
  • Discussion forum access
  • 15 video lessons (5 hours)
  • 29 Agile video lessons (11 hours)
  • 5 Expert audio interviews (3 hours)
  • 1 year from the date of purchase.

Sample Videos

Here are sample videos to illustrate how to find the best answer.

Video 1: Finding the best answer to sample questions

Video 2: 2021 PMP Exam Simulator (Review and Demo)

Here is the demo video that showcases the new PMP Exam simulator functionality.  For your convenience, I started the video at 6.47 minutes mark where the demo starts.

PM Prepcast Review

This program is highly recommended by many PMP students who passed the exam. Here are the program’s strengths and weaknesses.

Thumb Up Pros


Best PMP exam simulator

The PMP Exam Simulator is the gold standard for PMP preparation.  We have compared the exam simulators; this PMP Exam Simulator is the leader.  Many candidates who pass the PMP exam highly recommend this exam simulator.

PM Prepcast has always done an exceptional job matching the mock questions to the real PMP Exam questions.  The company also takes feedback regularly from students and improves the quality of the exam simulator.

This PMP Exam Simulator has 2280 realistic exam questions, the highest in the marketplace.  The questions are split between the quiz pool and the exam pool – with four PMP mock exams plus one ITTO exam.

The exam simulator also has useful features, such as customizing the quiz to specific knowledge areas, the number of questions, and learning & exam mode.

Each question is accompanied by a detailed answer key and reference to the PMBOK guide.  It is crucial to review the answer key for the ones you got wrong and understand the PMI way of thinking if you want to pass the PMP exam.

Lastly, the PMP exam simulator also provides a detailed report to spot your strength/weakness and progress.  Another unique feature is that you can benchmark your test performance with other peer students.

Most thorough PMP formula study guide

PM Prepcast offers the complete formula study guide with all the essential formulas, detailed explanations, and 105 sample formula exam questions to help PMP aspirants prepare for formula questions on the exam.

Engaging video course

The video course is complete with real-life examples to make the learning simpler. Cornelius sounds energetic and makes the program interesting, which helps the aspirant engage at all times.

Reasonable refund policy

The company offers a very reasonable 30-day money-back refund policy.

PM-Prepcast is confident they offer the most practical and effective PMP exam prep course that comes with an Ironclad 30-day money-back guarantee. The condition is that you haven’t already generated your 35-contact hour certificate. For the exam simulator, you may not take more than 1 full exam.

Longest access to online training material

While you probably want to finish the training and pass the PMP exam as soon as possible, you can rest assured that you have plenty of time to access the study material. You can download all the coursework, including videos.

You can continue to have access to the on-demand course for future PMBOK 6 until PMBOK 7 becomes the official new exam standard. Thus, PM-Prepcast has the most generous offer for accessing the online class; most other providers offer as little as 90 days and as much as 1-year access.

Excellent Support and Client Service

The company is very transparent in sharing what the company is doing and any updates from PMI that the company can share.

As an affiliate since 2018, I learned about the latest PMI updates (and the latest upcoming coupon codes) from PM Prepcast’s emails. The support team is also very responsive and helpful.  This training provider truly cares about the success of its students.

Well maintained forum and open to public

PM Prepcast has a team of moderators maintaining the forum.  The forum is well-maintained, and the moderator is very responsive.  The forum offers community support, tip, and advice for the members.  The forum is open to the public, so anyone can post and respond to questions as long as you follow the common sense of forum policy.

Thumb Down ConsCONS

No full mock exam includes the basic course

With the basic on-demand course, only the quizzes for each module are provided and no mock full exam is provided. Most providers will provide at least one or more full mock exams with the on-demand PMP prep course.

However, you must sign up for the elite package to get the PMP exam simulator with a discount or pay the full price if purchased separately.

No live virtual class offerings

If you prefer live instructor training and class-style interaction, you are out of luck.  

PM Prepcast briefly offers live virtual training courses from January to May 2021 while participating in PMI’s ATP program.  However, due to the high cost of maintaining the quality and consistency of live virtual courses, the company no longer offers live virtual classes and exited the ATP program.

The company continues to focus on its core strengths which are the exam simulator and on-demand training course.

PMP Course RecommendationPM Prepcast Review Conclusion: Best PMP Exam Simulator

The Exam Simulator has 2280 real exam-quality questions with detailed explanations.  The exam simulator is the best quality in the marketplace and ensures you have enough practice for the PMP Exam.

The PrepCast Elite bundle is an attractive discount package that bundles the training course with on-demand videos and the exam simulator with plenty of realistic exam questions to help you pass the exam.

This course is also most suitable for busy professionals who like to download videos and learn on the go while traveling or waiting, as learning won’t require mobile data and WIFI access.

PM Prepcast offers top-notch training courses and the PMP exam simulator.  You are in good hands for your PMP exam preparation.

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