2024 Best PMP Boot Camp Online Reviews and Comparison


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Are you looking for the best PMP boot camp online training to prepare for the exam and earn the PMP certification?

Attending a PMP exam prep boot camp takes significant time and financial investment, and it is wise to compare before making this commitment.

In this PMP boot camp review, we will take a deep dive and provide a side-by-side comparison of the top virtual PMP boot camp courses – Velociteach, Project Management Academy, PMTraining, Knowledgehut, Edureka – to help you determine which training provider is best for you.

Disclaimer: PMAspirant is affiliated with Velociteach, Project Management Academy, PMTrianing, Master of Project Management, Knowledgehut, and Edureka. Please review the full affiliate disclaimer.

What Is PMP Boot Camp?

The PMP certification is an internationally recognized credential that can open doors to new career opportunities. However, it can be challenging to prepare for the exam without the proper guidance.

There are several ways to prepare for this rigorous exam, and completing a PMP boot camp training is one of the popular methods.

The PMP boot camp is an online/virtual or in-person training course with a live instructor to help you prepare for the PMP certification exam. The training course should teach you all the information you need to pass the exam and become a certified project manager in a supportive environment.

It is typically a short-duration, immersive training experience that covers key project management concepts outlined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide.

The PMP Boot Camp includes:

  • A live instructor to teach the course, answer Q&A, and provide support for your PMP certification journey
  • Learning Management System (LMS) to track your learning progress
  • PMP Exam simulator with realistic practice exam questions
  • Additional resources, references, or perks to support your learning

Is PMP Boot Camp Worth It?

It depends heavily on personal preference and your learning style. After all, there are cheaper on-demand options available.

Attending the PMP boot camp training course is most suitable for students who :

  • Prefers having a live instructor to provide support and answer any questions you have.
  • Prefers having a team to support your PMP certification journey from completing your PMP application to post-training support.
  • Learns better with structured training with a dedicated block of time.
  • Prefers to learn and interact with peers in a class environment so you don’t feel you are learning alone.
  • Your employer will pay or reimburse the cost of the training.
  • Procrastinate or too busy to find time to earn the PMP certification otherwise.

Key Features of the Best PMP Boot Camp Training

When choosing and comparing the PMP boot camp online training programs, it is worthwhile to note the key deciding criteria. In our best PMP boot camp analysis, we have identified and deep dive into the following features.

  • PMP Boot Camp Cost: How much does the PMP boot camp cost, and are there special discount opportunities?
  • PMP Boot Camp Class Availability: How many classes are available? In addition to full-day classes, Does the training provider offer PMP boot camp weekend, morning, or night classes?
  • PMP Boot Camp Instructor Qualification and Transparency: Does the training provider show the instructor’s bio and profile picture? Does the course roster include who the instructor will be? Can a student find out the instructor’s qualifications easily? Higher star rating if all the information is provided to the students. Students may want to know the instructor’s credentials, which can be a deciding factor in registering for a class.
  • PMP Boot Camp Course Package: What study aids are included as part of the PMP boot camp training course?
  • PMP Boot Camp Exam Simulator: How many practice questions and the quality of the PMP Exam simulator included in the PMP boot camp training?
  • Free re-enrollment: Does the training provider offer students to attend an additional PMP bootcamp course for free if the student fails the PMP exam?
  • Instructor Support & Help Support: Once the student starts the PMP boot camp course, how does the instructor provide the support, and how long?
  • Cancellation Policy: Can I cancel the PMP boot camp course and get my money back?
  • PMP Exam Pass Guarantee & Refund Policy: What happens if you do not pass the PMP exam? What is the refund policy? What is the condition for getting your money back?

Best PMP Boot Camp Online Training Comparison Chart

If you are in a hurry, this side-by-side comparison chart will help you choose the best PMP boot camp training that best fits your needs. You can review the detailed analysis for each training provider below the chart.


Project Management Academy




Founded On







Kennesaw, GA

West Lafayette, IN

Boulder, CO

Bangalore, India

Bangalore, India

Premier ATP






Contract Hours











$599 $569.05


$749 $711.55


Class Availability

Instructor Qualification & Transparency




CheatSheets & Formulas




EMV, Network diagram, Strategy audio, Andy's Book

ITTO, Strategy guide


Study plan

Industry-Relevant Projects

Exam Simulator Included

Exam Practice Questions






Exam Simulator Access

180 days. Can extend with approval

180 Days

90 Days

120 Days



Instructor Support

1 year

6 months

30 days

6 months


PMP Application support

Audit support

Extra Support

Custom study plan if failed test.


Free Re-enrollment

Yes, with approval.

Yes, free retake at same or lower value.

Yes, free retake at same or lower value.

Yes, 6-month unlimited access.

Yes, Lifetime access + updates

Exam Pass Money-back guarantee

Yes, 1 year from class start date.

Yes, 120 days after class end.

Yes, 120 days after class end.

Yes, 6 months after class end.


Guarantee conditions

Cancellation Policy


Overall Rating






Coupon Code

Exclusive Offer!

Save extra $450


Exclusive Offer!

Save extra 5%


Please Note: While I do my best to keep the information accurate given the information available at the time of writing, I do not get notified when things change. The ratings can also be subjective. The table is provided for information purposes only. Please do your due diligence and validate the accuracy.

Best PMP Boot Camp Online Training Providers


Velociteach Company Overview

Velociteach was founded by Andy Crowe in 2002, with headquarters in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Velociteach instructors are all esteemed project management professionals with decades of industry experience. The company has won several global and local awards for excellence in project management and community services.

Velociteach project management training has been trusted by companies, including Accenture, Adobe, Blue Cross Blue Shield, eBay, Johnson & Johnson, FedEx, Home Depot, MetLife, Merk, Nike, Siemens, Verizon, and many others.

Velociteach conducted extensive research and discovery period but decided not to join the ATP program. While a longtime supporter of PMI, Velocitach does not want to be restricted to PMI’s training materials designed by 3rd party. Velociteach wants to continue to provide content that has been tested over time and has proven effective. They wanted the ability to enhance the content if needed to serve their students better.

Velociteach PMP Boot Camp Cost

If you only look at the unit price alone and do not consider the quality, Velociteach’s PMP boot camp course is more expensive than the other providers.

The standard price is $2447.00.

We are pleased to work out an exclusive discount deal and save $450 with discount code ASPIRANT450, which brings down the price of the course to $1997.00

Velociteach PMP Boot Camp Class Availability

Velociteach typically offers 2 open-enrollment PMP boot camp training per month. The classes are always 4 full-day class sessions starting on Tuesday and ending on Friday. The downside is there are no weeknights or weekend options available.

Velociteach lists the classes one year out into the future so you can plan ahead.

One big advantage is the “Guarantee to run” policy. All the classes listed are guaranteed to run, so you do not have to worry about last-hour class cancellations.

Each class is capped at 25 students to maintain a good student-to-instructor ratio and allow each student opportunities to ask questions and have personal attention.

Other providers may cancel the class if there is not enough enrollment and offer you the option of a full refund or registering for a future class.  The cancellation can be annoying and inconvenient because the student will need to rearrange the work and personal schedule again.

Velociteach PMP Boot Camp Instructor Qualification & Transparency

Velociteach provides a full list of its instructors and is easily accessible. The junior instructors have nearly 2 decades of project management experience, and most of the instructors have more than 2 decades of industry experience.

All of the instructors hold multiple project management certifications, and all of them have profile pictures and detailed bios.

The only downside is that the class registration portal does not indicate who will be the instructor. However, all the instructors are well-qualified. Unless you have a strong preference, not knowing which instructor will be teaching the class should not be a concern.

Velociteach PMP Boot Camp Course Package

Velociteach offers one of the most comprehensive boot camp course packages.

YOu will receive:

  • Course workbook
  • 12 comprehensive memory aid
  • Quick reference guide
  • Cheatsheets & Formula guide
  • Earned Value Fundamentals
  • Network Diagramming Fundamentals
  • eLearning self-paced training
  • Flashcard mobile app
  • Exam Simulator
  • 1800 practice questions
  • The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try, the best-selling book by Andy Crowe.

Whether you are in front of a computer or on the go, there are plenty of resources to immerse yourself in the PMP learning mode.

Velociteach PMP Boot Camp Exam Simulator

Velociteach’s boot camp training includes over 1800 practice questions.

  • Over 1200 exam prep questions (including the testing lab and 3 simulated practice exams) are on the Insite eLearning system for the exam simulator.
  • 475 Questions via the Textbook (including a 200-question exam)
  • 125 Questions via the Bootcamp Student Workbook.

The exam simulator allows you to generate exams and pull questions from any one of the 3 domains (people, process, environment), or generate them randomly to simulate a real exam. You can specify the number of questions up to 200.

The exam simulator covers all types of exam questions, including multiple-choice, multiple responses, matching, and hotspot.

Velociteach Free re-enrollment

Not only will Velociteach let students who failed the PMP exam re-enroll in future classes for free, but the team will also help you analyze the exam results and create a personalized study plan.

The rationale is that if you didn’t understand the first time, what makes the next time better? 

The combination is much more powerful than repeatedly attending the same class with no additional guidance.

Velociteach Instructor Support & Help Support

Velociteach offers the best instructor and helps support before, during, and after post-training.

Before the class, Velociteach will provide a pre-class video that students can watch to set the expectations. The support team will help you with students with PMP applications and assist students if they get audited.

If a student fails a PMP exam, the team will work with the student to analyze the weakness, create a personalized study plan, and let the student re-enroll at no additional cost.

Lastly, you can continue to have the instructor and help support for one year from the class start date. You can have phone and email access to the instructor and the help support.

From interacting with all the training provider support teams, I can confidently say that Velociteach’s support team has been exceptional. I got all my questions answered in a timely and professional, and the team was easy and friendly to work with. I am sure you will be pleased with the support.

Velociteach Cancellation Policy

Velociteach allows students to cancel their registration up to 30 or more calendar days before their originally scheduled class date and receive a full refund minus $500 for materials already received.

If the students need to cancel the class less than 30 days prior to their original scheduled class date, the fee is non-refundable.

However, the students can rescue the class to a future date at no additional cost if the request is made 15 days or earlier. For the rescheduling request between 14 to 1 day prior to the class start date, there is a $250 fee. For the rescheduling request on the day, there is a $500 fee.

Velociteach PMP Exam Pass Guarantee & Refund Policy

Velociteach offers the best and most straightforward exam pass guarantee.

If you fail all three attempts within one year from your class start date, Velociteach will refund 100% of your tuition. Either you get your PMP certification, or you get your money back.

There are no fine prints or strings attached!

Velociteach PMP Bootcamp Review & Summary

Velociteach PMP Bootcamp Review

Andrew Shih

Velociteach logo
Read the full Velociteach Review.
Class Price
Class Availability
Instructor Qualification & Transparency
Course Package
Exam Simulator
Free Re-enrollment
Post-Class Support
Cancellation Policy
Exam Pass/Money-Back Guarantee


If you are looking for top-quality PMP boot camp training. This is it! Esteemed instructors, all listed classes are guaranteed to run, with a solid training package, top-notch support, and the best money-back guarantee with no strings attached. If you value time and first-class support experience, Velociteach’s PMP boot camp training is likely your best choice.

The main downside is the course is a bit pricy, and only 4-day weekday class schedules are available. There are no weekend, evening, or morning classes.

Great News! Remember to use the exclusive coupon code ASPIRANT450 to get an extra $450 in savings.

Velociteach logo

Why Velociteach


  • Excellent training package with experienced instructors.
  • All weekday classes are guaranteed to run.
  • Best no-hassle money-back guarantee or money-back policy.
  • One year of instructor support
  • Outstanding support.
  • Personalized study plan if you failed the first exam attempt.


  • No Weekend, evening, or morning class options.
  • More expensive than other boot camp courses.

Project Management Academy

Project Management Academy Company Overview

Project Management Academy (an Educate 360 brand) is a global provider of training solutions, focusing on project management, agile and related business, technical, and soft skills. PMA strives to deliver top-quality programs taught by instructors who have gone through an extensive vetting process.

Since 2003, PHA has served 65+ cities across the U.S. and Canada and provides training resources to 10,000+ students annually. Along with providing comprehensive instructional design, Project Management Academy also offers private group training to hundreds of organizations each year

Its mission is to positively impact individuals’ lives by arming them with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in their careers while also helping companies gain a competitive edge through acquiring tailored talent and effective practices.

Project Management Academy PMP Boot Camp Cost

PMA offers three PMP boot camp packages – Basic, Advanced, and Premium.

PMA-Pricing-Package-for-PMP-bootcamp training
Source: Project Management Academy

The price listed in the comparison chart is PMA’s Basic package for $1,995.

The advanced package includes an extra day of the deep-dive training session to focus on challenging topics and 1-year access to the PDU library on top of the Basic package.

PMA is also willing to support students who are unemployed and will offer up to a $500 discount for attending its PMP boot camp course. You will need to provide proof of unemployment to qualify for this discount.

Project Management Academy PMP Boot Camp Class Availability

Project Management Academy has the most boot camp class options, with over 100 in-person and virtual monthly classes. It has over 65 live locations nationwide, hosting in-person classroom training throughout North America. 

There are plenty of PMP boot camp weekends, mornings, and evening classes you can choose from.

On average, the class size is smaller and has about 10 to 15 students on average.  You will get more personalized attention from the instructor and more out of the live training class.  The small class will likely be more enjoyable, and avoid wasting time managing and accommodating a bigger group.

There is no limit to how many times you can reschedule the class, although you should provide at least 7 days advance notice. The flexibility allows the student to easily register for a class without worrying about the schedule.

PMA is another provider that offers a “Guarantee to run” policy.  However, not all classes are guaranteed to run. If the class has the “Guarantee to run” label next to the class, you have the guarantee that PMA will not cancel the class. 

Project Management Academy PMP Boot Camp Instructor Qualification & Transparency

Project Management Academy only displays a partial list of instructors and their bios.  This area can be improved; after all, PMA has an incredible roster of over 65 instructors with 20+ years of project management experience. 

Many of PMA’s instructors also receive praise and good reviews on Trustpilot.  There is no question about the quality of PMA’s instructors; PMA should showcase that.

The class registration page also does not indicate who will be the instructor.  With many class offerings and guarantees to run classes, it is understandable that PMA has to stay flexible and find an available instructor.

Project Management Academy PMP Boot Camp Course Package

PMA offers a very comprehensive training package. The BASIC package includes everything you need to pass the PMP exam, and it is the most popular package among PMP aspirants who are looking for top-quality training and support experience.

  • Training guide
  • Strategy guide
  • Quick study guide
  • eLearning videos
  • Cheatsheets & Formula guide
  • ITTO chart
  • Flashcards
  • Exam Simulator
  • 2000 practice questions
  • Project management sample forms

The ADVANCED package includes everything in the BASIC package, plus:

  • 1 Extra day of training to cover critical and tricky topics
  • 1-year PDU subscription.

PMA also offers a PREMIUM package for students who want to pass the PMP exam and enhance their project management skill sets and qualifications with Agile fundamentals and the PMI talent triangle.

Project Management Academy PMP Boot Camp Exam Simulator

Project Management Academy boot camp class includes a full mock exam (of 180 questions) that you should complete after completing the course and a PMP Exam simulator with over 2000 realistic exam questions. The Mock exam holds unique questions that the practice exam will not generate.

You can pause a practice exam but not a mock exam. The mock exam always uses the same questions, whereas the practice exam is randomly generated. You will have 6 months of access to the PMP exam simulator.

Project Management Academy Free re-enrollment

The student can retake the boot camp course if the student fails to pass the PMP exam within 120 days after completing the class, provided that the student attended the entire course, completed the mock exam, and three full-length practice exams from the student portal.

Project Management Academy Instructor Support & Help Support

Project Management Academy offers excellent instructor support after completing the boot camp course. 

The student can join the free tutoring webinar hosted by one of the instructors every Friday at 3:00 PM EST using GoToWebinar on the student learning portal.  You can ask any question during the informal Q&A session. 

You can also send an email to the instructor, and the instructor on call will respond to your email within 6 months of completing the course.

Project Management Academy Cancellation Policy

The course purchase is non-refundable after 24 hours from the time of purchase. 

You do have the option to reschedule as many times as you need at no additional fees. You can also put it in a voucher for future use or transfer the course to your colleague. However, you must attend the class within one year of the original class start date. Otherwise, there will be no refund.

Project Management Academy PMP Exam Pass Guarantee & Refund Policy

PMA has a money-back guarantee if you fail the PMP exam three times within 120 days after you complete the course and satisfy all the conditions, including:

  • Complete the full course
  • Complete the mock exam
  • Complete three full-length practice exams

Therefore, you can still potentially get your money back, but you will need to work hard to fail the PMP exam and not pass the PMP exam by accident after completing all this work. (Please don’t do this!)

Project Management Academy PMP Bootcamp Review & Summary

Project Management Academy PMP Bootcamp Review

Andrew Shih

Class Price
Class Availability
Instructor Qualification & Transparency
Course Package
Exam Simulator
Free Re-enrollment
Post-class Support
Cancellation Policy
Exam Pass/Money-Back Guarantee


PMA has the most flexible class options, including weekday, weekend, evening, and morning class sessions. You can easily find a class that best fits your schedule.

With plenty of guaranteed-to-run classes, you don’t have to worry about last-hour class cancellations and the hassle of rescheduling the training. PMA is an excellent choice that provides students with comprehensive training resources and support with flexible class schedules.

The main downside is the registration fee is non-refundable after 24 hours of purchase. However, there is no fee if you need to reschedule or transfer to another friend or colleague.

Project Management Academy Logo

Why Project Management Academy


  • Excellent training package with experienced instructors at a competitive price.
  • The most flexible class options are weekdays, weekends, morning, afternoon, and evening courses.
  • All weekday courses are guaranteed to run.
  • Reschedule as many times as you need without a fee.
  • Transferable if you decide not to take the class.
  • Over 2000+ mock exam practice questions.


  • Not refundable after 24 hours of purchase.


PMTraining Company Overview

PMTraining, founded and managed by Christopher Scordo (PMP, ITIL), is a leading provider globally for project management certification training.

PMTraining has helped more than 200 organizations and 105,000 students to prepare for their courses since 2004. The team’s goal is to provide high-quality, accessible educational tools that are effective and use technology to enhance the learning experience. PMTraining also strives to ensure great customer service and fair prices without setting unrealistic expectations.

PMTraining PMP Boot Camp Cost

PMTraining PMP boot camp course is an affordable option, typically in the range of $998 to $1498. PMTraining does not offer any special coupon codes. So, what you see is what you get.

PMTraining PMP Boot Camp Class Availability

PMTraining has many licensed instructors and is able to offer many weekdays, weekends, and night classes for students to choose from. Students are likely to find a time that fits their schedule.

More class offerings also allow students to change classes more easily if there is a need. PMTraining allows students to request up to 3 class transfers for free.

PMTraining PMP Boot Camp Instructor Qualification & Transparency

PMTraining provides the name and credentials of the instructor for all the classes. However, the website does not provide bios for learning more about the instructors. Overall, PMTraining instructor reviews are positive on Trustpilot.

PMTraining PMP Boot Camp Course Package

PMTraining’s PMP program provides a fairly standard training material of what you would expect from the training program.

  • Study guide and Slide deck
  • Cheetsheet & Formula guide
  • eLearning self-paced training
  • Exam simulator
  • 1000 practice questions

PMTraining PMP Boot Camp Exam Simulator

PMTraining will include the PMP exam simulator as part of the course package. The exam simulator has 1000+ realistic exam questions. It is a very solid exam simulator, and it should be sufficient for most PMP exam takers.

You will have 30-day access to the exam simulator because you are encouraged to take the PMP exam within 30 days of completing the boot camp course. However, you can ask for a complimentary extension if you need more time.

PMTraining Free re-enrollment

Students can re-enroll in the training class at the same or lower value for free. The student will need to prove the failed test result and request re-enrollment within a year of the failed test attempt.

There are a few conditions including you must take all the online practice exams and take the PMP exam within 30 days of completing the course.

PMTraining Instructor Support & Help Support

PMTraining offers 30-day instructor support after the completion of the course. The idea is that you should take the PMP exam within 30 days after the completion of the training.

PMTraining Cancellation Policy

Students can get a full refund for the cancellation request made at least 7 days before the class starts, less the license fee for PMI.

The student will need to pay a $250 fee for the boot camp course and $150 for other weekly classes. The student may get up to 75% of the refund, less the license fee for PMI, on the first day of the class.

No refund after the first day of the class.

PMTrainign offers the most flexible rescheduling policy. As long as the student reschedules the class prior to class starts, there is no penalty at all.

PMTraining PMP Exam Pass Guarantee & Refund Policy

PMTraining will refund your entire class enrollment fee if you still do not pass the PMP exam after three attempts, providing that you meet the following conditions:

  • You attempted all the 3 exams within 120 calendar days after concluding the training.
  • You attended the PMP certification class in full.
  • You completed all the practice exams and quizzes in your student portal.
  • You received your Certificate of Completion (COC) prior to your first exam attempt.

PMTraining PMP Bootcamp Review & Summary

PMTraining PMP Bootcamp Review

Andrew Shih

PMTraining logo slim
Read the full PMTraining Review.
Class Price
Class Availability
Instructor Qualification & Transparency
Course Package
Exam Simulator
Free Re-enrollment
Post-Class Support
Cancellation Policy
Exam Pass/Money-Back Guarantee


PMTraining live virtual class is an excellent program and has a high overall rating. The strength includes affordability with many courses to choose from, a strong exam simulator, good support, and the exam-pass guarantee. It is a good choice if you want to attend a live boot camp course on a tight budget.

The main downside is the instructor support is only 30 days, with only 90 days for the exam simulator access. The student-to-instructor ratio will likely be higher to offset the lower cost compared to PMA and Velociteach.

PMTraining logo slim

Why PMTraining


  • Competitive training package with experienced instructors at an affordable price.
  • You plan to complete the training and take the PMP exam within 3 months.
  • Reschedule class as many times as you need without penalty.


  • Classes are not guaranteed to run.
  • Short access period (with only 3 months).
  • Short instructor support.


Knowledgehut Company Overview

Knowledgehut is a leading training provider, established in 2011 and headquartered in Bangalore, India. The founders of the company have created KnowledgeHut with the ambition to deliver high-value training through innovative and practical approaches. Their goal is to help professionals across industries and sectors develop new expertise and bridge any skill gaps they may have.

Knowledghut offers accredited training programs on a variety of topics, including Agile, Project Management, Data Sciences & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Full Stack Development, Cloud Computing, Service Management, and Cyber Security.

Knowledgehut PMP Boot Camp Cost

Knowledgehut offers an unbeatable price for the PMP boot camp training program. The standard price is as low as $599, and you can opt for the PRO package for $649, which includes a PMP exam simulator and additional study materials.

This is an excellent value for the price, and it is even cheaper than PMI’s official PMP on-demand training. Clearly, the boot camp has a lot more to offer, and you will have much better support.

Good News! PMAspirant has worked out an exclusive discount code with Knowledgehut. You can use coupon code PMPA5 to save an extra 5% on all Knowledgehut PMP boot camp courses. This coupon code is valid till 12 December 2025 for worldwide countries except Singapore.

Knowledgehut PMP Boot Camp Class Availability

Knowledgehut offers PMP Bootcamp weekend, weekday, daytime, and evening classes. You can typically find a weekday class every week and two PMP Bootcamp weekend courses during a month. There are plenty of class options, and you should have no problem finding a class that fits your schedule. However, the classes are not guaranteed to run and can be subject to cancellation.

You can reschedule the training anytime before the course starts, but there is a rescheduling fee of $50 (India) or $100 (the rest of the world). There is no charge if you have a colleague or friend willing to substitute for you.

Knowledgehut PMP Boot Camp Instructor Qualification & Transparency

Knowledgehut offers great transparency for the course authors and instructors. The instructor and author bios are on the boot camp course page. The instructors’ years of experience are clearly identified. All of the instructors have over a decade of project management experience, and most have 20 years or more. You can expand and read the full bio to learn more about the instructors.

Once you are on the registration page, Knowledgehut also indicates who will be teaching the course if you have any preferences. For distant future classes, the instructor assignment may not be available yet.

Knowledgehut PMP Boot Camp Course Package

The affordable standard package has quite a lot to offer, including:

  • 36 Contact Hours
  • Complimentary VOD lessons
  • 5-week Study Plan
  • PMI official PMP curriculum
  • 12 paper full exam (180 questions).
  • Workshops

The PRO package includes everything in the standard package, and the following:

  • 12 full exam simulator
  • 6 month grand pass training
  • 5-week Study Plan
  • Problem-solving session with mentor
  • AI prompt engineering for project management
  • 47 project management templates

If you plan to purchase the PMP boot camp training from Knowledgehut, the PRO package is recommended because the exam simulator and the 6-month grand pass are valuable resources.

Other resources, such as AI Promot and project templates, are nice additions that may help you become more effective.

Knowledgehut PMP Boot Camp Exam Simulator

Knowledgehut has a large PMP questions bank with over 2800 practice questions. There are 8 full-length PMP exam simulations that you can take as many times as you want during the 6-months period. There are more than enough questions to help you prepare for the PMP exam.

Knowledgehut Free re-enrollment

Knowledgehut includes an exclusive 180-day grand pass when you register for the PRO training package. If you ever need a refresher course, you can hop on and rejoin any available virtual boot camp training. You will be able to attend as many times as you wish during the 180-day period.

Knowledgehut Instructor Support & Help Support

Students who registered the PRO boot camp package will get 6-month email support from the instructor and can also take advantage of the Grand Pass and rejoin any available live virtual training class.

There are mixed reviews for Knowledgehut support. While most of the reviews express satisfactory support, there are still quite a few negative reviews, such as nonresponsiveness, difficulty getting a refund, or class cancellation by Knowledgehut.

Knowledgehut Cancellation Policy

There is no full refund once you make the purchase. However, Knowledgehunt will refund 50% if you cancel the class before 48 hours. There is no refund if you cancel the class within 48 hours.

For each class rescheduled request, there is a $50 fee if you are in India and $100 for the rest of the world.

However, getting a refund can be difficult with this provider.

Knowledgehut PMP Exam Pass Guarantee & Refund Policy

If you took the Knowledgehut course and didn’t pass the PMP exam, you can request a refund if you meet the following criteria:

  • You attended at least 90% of your scheduled class
  • You completed 100% of all the quizzes and self-paced training modules
  • You scored more than 85% on all weekly assignments
  • You scored at least 75% on all PMP mock exams.

There are many strings attached to Knowledgehut’s money-back guarantee, so it can be very difficult to get a refund with all these stipulations.

Knowledgehut PMP Bootcamp Review & Summary

Knowledgehut PMP Bootcamp Review

Andrew Shih

Knowledgehut logo
Read the full Knowledgehut Review.
Class Price
Class Availability
Instructor Qualification & Transparency
Course Package
Exam Simulator
Free Re-enrollment
Post-class Support
Cancellation Policy
Exam Pass/Money-Back Guarantee


Knowledgehut is the most budget-friendly and solid PMP boot camp course. You get 6-month access with grand pass access, a large PMP questions bank, and instructor support.

The main drawbacks are that classes are not guaranteed to run, there are mixed support reviews, and the refund policy is not very generous. The exam pass guarantee has quite a few strings attached.

Overall, Knowlegehut’s PMP boot camp is an excellent choice for those with limited budgets who want solid training and a large pool of practice questions.

Good News! PMAspirant has worked out an exclusive discount code with Knowledgehut. You can use coupon code PMPA5 to save an extra 5% on all Knowledgehut boot camp courses. This coupon code is valid till 12 December 2025 for worldwide countries except Singapore.

Knowledgehut logo

Why Knowledgehut


  • Most affordable PMP boot camp training package.
  • Large practice exam question bank and solid training material


  • Classes are not guaranteed to run.
  • Money-back guarantee with many strings attached.
  • No full refund once you pay.
  • Mixed support experience.


Edureka Company Overview

Edureka is an online education provider with a mission to become the largest online learning ecosystem for continuing education. Edureka was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka.

In addition to project management training, Edureka offers many specialized IT courses, including Big Data & Hadoop, Apache Spark, Data Science, Java, Machine Learning, Android Development, Artificial Intelligence, Python, and many more.

Edureka strives to provide students with high-quality online courses through its dedicated team of educators and 24/7 support system.

Edureka PMP Boot Camp Cost

Edureka offers the most affordable PMP boot camp training among the providers on this list.

Compared to the PMI’s PMP on-demand course, which costs $699 for members or $799 for non-members, Edureka’s PMP training only costs $749, and you get a live instructor with lifetime access to the training. Therefore, it’s a great value.

Edureka PMP Boot Camp Class Availability

Edureka lists the boot camp training offered online up to two months ahead of the starting date. Typically, there are two sets of classes per month that can be either weekday, weeknight, or weekend classes. Therefore, the class options can be a bit limited.

Edureka does not project future classes months into the future to avoid class cancellations. Unless you plan to take the boot camp training months ahead, it should not be an issue.

Edureka PMP Boot Camp Instructor Qualification & Transparency

Edureka does not provide the instructor’s name and bios online, so you will not be able to evaluate the instructor’s credentials.

Edureka PMP Boot Camp Course Package

Edureka will teach and use the training material provided by PMI for the ATP program. There will be hands-on practice, quizzes, and assignments with this training course. There will be online and offline material.

Edureka PMP Boot Camp Exam Simulator

Edureka 8 full practice test with its PMP exam simulator as part of the training package. While you can’t customize the exam, there are plenty of practice questions to help you prepare for the exam. The total number of questions is on par, if not more than other top boot camp training providers.

Edureka Free re-enrollment

Edureka offers lifetime access with unlimited future course updates to its PMP boot camp training course. You will be able to re-enroll in class at a future date if the class is running.

Edureka Instructor Support & Help Support

With Edureka’s PMP virtual boot camp, you will have lifetime access to the training program and email the instructor with your questions. You also have 24/7 helpdesk support if you run into issues with the training material.

Edureka Cancellation Policy

Edureka offers a 3-day cancellation policy. If you change your mind about the purchase, you can cancel within 3 days from the time you register for the class.

Edureka PMP Exam Pass Guarantee & Refund Policy

Edureka does not offer an exam pass guarantee.

Edureka! PMP Bootcamp Review & Summary

Edureka PMP Bootcamp Review

Andrew Shih

Edureka logo
Read the full Edureka Review.
Class Price
Class Availability
Instructor Qualification & Transparency
Course Package
Exam Simulator
Free Re-enrollment
Post-class Support
Cancellation Policy
Exam Pass/Money-Back Guarantee


Edureka offers an average-quality course package at a great value with lifetime access that includes future updates.

For students with a limited budget, Edureka may be a good low-cost option. Edureka is also a great alternative to PMI’s on-demand learning.

However, You may need to supplement this training with a PMP exam simulator from another provider. Since you have lifetime access, Edureka does not offer a money-back guarantee.

Edureka logo

Why Edureka


  • Most affordable boot camp training option.
  • Lifetime access to the training material (including future upgrades).


  • Online access only.  No downloadable material.
  • Class is not guaranteed to run.
  • No money-back guarantee.

How to Choose the Best PMP Boot Camp Online Provider?

It depends on what is most important to you.

If you are willing to spend a little more for the boot camp course with the best training experience and support, Velociteach and Project Management Academy (PMA) are the best options. The instructors are native English speakers and have exceptional project management experience.

Velociteach offers longer support and a money-back guarantee, whereas PMA offers more flexibility with class options on weekends and weeknights.

If you want a more affordable option, PMTraining is a good choice.

KnowledgeHut and Edureka stand out as the most budget-friendly options for PMP boot camp training when budget constraints are the primary consideration. However, it is important to note that their user experience and support services may be subpar compared to other more premium alternatives.


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